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Tyburn Tree: Public Execution in Early Modern England
Excellent resource for studying the "Old World" origins of this method of punishment.

Archiving Early America
An enjoyable, well-illustrated guide to life in America at the beginning of the 1800s.

Jefferson's "Danbury Baptist" Letter
Fresh light on Jefferson's "wall of separation between church and state" from Library of Congress research. Highly recommended reading.

The Execution Tapes
Historical notes and audio recordings from several executions.

The Last Public Execution in America
On August 14, 1936, Rainey Bethea was hanged in Owensboro, Kentucky, before a crowd of 20,000. The public outrage which followed resulted in the complete abolition of public executions in the United States. This site provides the complete text of the book, The Last Public Execution in America.

Prison Ministry

Prison Fellowship Ministries
PFM seeks to bring restorative justice to prison inmates.

Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom Homepage
A compelling argument against separation of church and state extremists. Advocates "golden mean" approach.

Serious Bible Study Resource

ScriptureIndex.com allows the serious bible student to review thousands of web pages around the world (world wide web) all commenting on a particular biblical reference. You can look up a bible passage (scripture reference) and quickly review dozens of different viewpoints about that particular bible passage.

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