Caleb Adams Commentary
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
8.6 Ounce Baby Survives - A Great Blessing!
A premature infant believed to be the smallest baby ever to survive was called "a great blessing" by her mother.

The baby, named Rumaisa, weighed 8.6 ounces when she was delivered Sept. 19 at Loyola University Medical Center - less than a can of soda. That is 1.3 ounces smaller than the previous record holder, who was born at the same the hospital in 1989, according to hospital spokeswoman Sandra Martinez.

"It's a blessing, it's a great blessing," said the parents.

However, this is a blessing that the God hating abortionists just cannot understand, because the sinful mind is so twisted by rebellion to the Law of God. Do you understand the logic of people who say they are the standard of truth and logic -- rather than God's law (word) being the standard of logic. ??

So you see that the news every day is full of great contradictions in human activity and human understanding. One human will go to extraordinary measures to save a little 8 ounce babies' life, another will kill a mother to steal a child from the womb, and still another will kill a child to "save the mother."

Even so, God tells us to "love your enemies" (the enemies of God), bless and do not curse them.

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