The Execution of Caleb Adams

2003 - This year Americans remember the 300th anniversary of Jonathan Edwards' birth and the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the 200th anniversary of Ohio statehood, and the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers successful airplane flight. Let us also remember Caleb Adams, who was publicly executed in Windham, Conn. on Nov. 29th, 1803 for the brutal murder of 6-year-old Oliver Woodworth. These pages contain the fascinating story of Caleb Adams's life and death, a forgotten but important chapter of American history.

Execution Day Sermon Preached at Windham
   - Rev. Elijah Waterman's sermon on "the conscience". Text: Luke 6:35.

Mr. Welch's Address, at the Place of Execution
   - Caleb Adams' life-story as told by a local pastor.

Appendix   - An account of Caleb's trial, imprisonment, and conversion.

Title Page   - Image of the title page of the original edition.

Article in Connecticut Courant
   - Newspaper clipping from the Connecticut Courant Dec. 1, 1803 about the public hanging.
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